Skills Of Communication is constantly working to improve the technology of its programs to maximize the reduction in recidivism.

SOC plans to eventually develop a test to identify those individuals who will still recidivate after having been in the NXChange Program for at least one year. This new program should further reduce recidivism below the 10 percent goal of the program.

Dedicated to research and development, you can count on Skills Of Communication to lead the rehabilitation industry with new products that improve the aspect of corrections around the world.
The Prison Program
The "Prison Program" is designed to produce facilitators who can be employed to conduct Jail Alternative Programs in the community.

Because some inmates are incarcerated for more than 5 years, we have time to train them extensively.

This also serves to provide jobs for those inmates who prove themselves capable of facilitating and managing and have shown themselves to be trustworthy to work with offenders in the community.
Jail Alternative
Sentence Option Program
The JASOP is intended to permit first time offenders to be sentenced to the program in the community.

It also allows offenders coming from Prison and Jail to continue with the same rehabilitation program until they have completed the requirements for release.

Offenders sentenced to the JASOP permits them to continue supporting their families and avoids increasing welfare support.
The NXChange Program
Flow Diagram
Jail Program
Since offenders are normally only in jails for a brief period, They are ususally only able to complete the initial one week startup course. Some can complete up to one year before being released back into the community. Those who are released should continue in the program in a JASOP facility.

It is envisioned long term inmates from local prisons would be used to facilitate the programs in county jails.
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