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The Early Indian History
Land Purchased from Indians
Important Pennsylvania Dates
The 1790 Census
Cook Township Plats

The Bowman Draft Book
Original James Campbell Book
A Brief History of Early Westmoreland County

Campbell Indian Captives
Taxables 1783
Original James Will
Cornelius 50 Acres
William Campbell 50 Acres
1762 Tax Records


The Campbells of Ligonier Valley
The Descendants of William Campbell
The Descendants of Cornelius Campbell
1800 Federal Census of Westmoreland County
Warranty Map of Cook Township
Warranties 1733-1896
Westmoreland County Cook Township Plats
1790 Census Donegal Township
1798 Direct Tax Census of Donegal Township
1850 Federal Tax Census of Mansville
Eakman Land Applications
Early History by Eckman
Early Landowners
Cornelius Campbell Applications
Deed Partition Book pertinenet to Cook Township
Index to Deeds Partition Books
Index to New Purchase Applications
Index to Warranties
Warrents Survey
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