Skills Of Communication provides both materials and training programs to teach the new subject of "Mental Wellness" to people from all walks of life.

We conduct seminars for educators, executives, and the general public, who desire to improve their personal growth, leadership abilities or presentation skills.

These seminars have been fully accredited for 3 semester hours of graduate or undergraduate credit by colleges and universities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We also offer a one week "Mental Wellness" training program (NXChange) to allow correctional agencies to provide their own very long term cognitive restructuring rehabilitation programs. They are equipped to habilitate offenders in prisons, jails, or in a Jail Alternative Sentence Option Program for offenders released back into the community.

This networking program enables an offender to remain in the same program while serving time and afterwords on parole or probation. SOC believes ffenders should be in a quality program for change for at least 3 - 5 years or as long as they remain under control.

Research has proven our correctional program reduces recidivism to where only 15 percent of inmates, in the prison program for a period of at least 1 full year, return to prison.

Contact us directly for more information. Our goal is to continue research and development until recidivism is less than 10%.
The SOC "NXChange" Program focus is on changing basic belief systems.... When basic beliefs change, behavior change is assured.
SOC sends our representatives to conduct a one week STARTUP Program to train existing staff to begin the program.

Our representatives then return for one week each quarter to conduct an evaluation to assure the program is being provided in accordance with written guidelines.

Maintaining the guidelines assures agencies can predict results for the program.

SOC Representatives coach training staff and facilitators in how to improve and maintain the quality of the program.

Our limited contact keeps the cost of the program low and significantly reduces the cost to the contracting agency.
Prior to 1976, Skills Of Communication was know as Personal Achievement Training. The name was changed to Skills Of Communication because people kept asking what does Personal Achievement Training teach?

Prior to being named Personal Achievement Training, in 1972 through 1974 the program was initially developed at "The Freedom House" drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation center that was implemented by the Army in Germany.

The basic concept of the program (Increase Self Esteem by improving individuals in five objective areas) was envisioned by then Major J. W. Campbell. That basic concept was subsequently developed and expanded by then First Lieutenant John L. Kendrick, First Sergeant Ron Current, Sergeant Darrell Balde, Sergeant Rick Wallenbrock, Sergeant Bill Sorrels and the other members of the staff at Freedom House.

The program at Freedom House was selected by the United States Senate Drug and Alcohol Abuse Committee as one of the ten best programs in the world.

Major Campbell was brought back from Germany to testify before the Senate Committee to see if the program could be proliferated to other federally subsidized programs. Major Campbell insisted the development of the program was NOT yet finished and the results of the research not yet publsihed.

Results showed 67 percent of those completing the program were restored back to active duty and either honorably completed their term of service or reenlisted - a phenomenal record for dealing with what were to then considered by their commanders and leaders to be incorrigibles to be eliminated from the Army.

Because of funding constraints, the program was discontinued by the military. When Maj Campbell retired in 1974, he decided to continue the research and development of the program as a civilian. When he moved to Portland, Oregon he formed the Personal Achievement Training company.
Once each year SOC conducts a STARTUP Program to allow agencies to send personnel to personally experience the program. This enables an evaluation of the program before signing a contract for services. For more information call SOC at the number listed below.
Skills Of Communication guarantees results for all of our programs
as long as the courses are conducted according to written guidelines.
For more information call 1 (800) 762-1546
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